Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue Tuesday

Monday trading was a hot mess since I was so eager to put my methods in action that I made careless mistakes aplenty.

But Tuesday I was calm, cool, and collected, determined to do things by the book as I wrote it.

The result was the best single day I've had in a while and I believe the best stats to date:

9 profitable trades out of 9: 100%

9 good trades out of 9: 100%

I started the day with an EOD swing trade of SINA from Monday, and focused on that stock's movement throughout the day, selling at higher points, and buying back at lower points. It can be difficult to execute at times since you have to make sure you're on the correct trend movement as opposed to a trend change reversal.

I'm continuing to trade in smaller lots as a safeguard.

Now all I have to do is keep the "Tuesday Trader" in action and keep the "Rogue Trader" at bay and I should be all right. cool